Photo: Rui Meireles / Ágora Porto

Creating bridges across the Americas seems like one of the most meaningful things I can do as part of my role at UCLA. So I'm thrilled to say that Beatriz Lemos has been selected as 2023 UCLA Regents' Lecturer and will be resident at the UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance throughout October!

Beatriz Lemos is Chief Curator of the Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro (MAM-Rio) and in their time here will participate in two events: an all day intensive curatorial workshop and a public talk entitled Art | Alliances | Social Justice: Afro-Indigenous Artistic Practice Across the Americas. 

Taking as its starting point the groundbreaking exhibition Nakoada: Strategies for Modern Art, recently held at MAM-Rio, jointly curated by Lemos and Indigenous artist Denilson Baniwa, the  talk on October 25th proposes encounters between Black, Mestizo, and Indigenous artists throughout the history of Brazilian art as a lens through which to glimpse intersectional relationships and alliances.

The curatorial workshop 'Archives of the Body: Invention, Desire, and the Memory of Presence' is open to UCLA grad students across the arts and takes place on Friday October 20th.

Beatriz Lemos is the Chief Curator at The Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro. Their practice focuses on contemporary art in the Global South. Lemos’ work emphasizes anti-coloniality, gender, race, and questions they have explored through pedagogy, collaboration, and curatorial interventions. Lemos is also the founder and director of the Lastro - Free Exchanges in Art platform. From counter-hegemonic perspectives, Lastro foments and promotes the articulation and realization of networked and transdisciplinary processes of creation and learning.

Friday, Oct. 20, 10 a.m.–3 p.m.
A curatorial workshop with 2023 Regents’ Lecturer Beatriz Lemos. Lunch will be provided from 12–1 p.m. Kaufman Hall 208

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 1 – 2:30 p.m.
Art | Alliances | Social Justice: Afro-Indigenous Artistic Practice Across the Americas
Kaufman Hall 200

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Alex Ungprateeb Flynn is an Assistant Professor at the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance, University of California, Los Angeles. Working as an anthropologist and curator, Alex’s practice explores the intersection of ethnographic and curatorial modes of enquiry. Researching collaboratively with activists, curators and artists in Brazil since 2007, Alex explores the prefigurative potential of art in community contexts, prompting the theorisation of fields such as the production of knowledge, the pluriversal, and the social and aesthetic dimensions of form.