November 10-11, 2023
Newcastle University, UK

EASA Anthropology and the Arts (ANTART) network event ‘Re-worlding relations: Anthropology, art, and design’.

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Super excited for our upcoming workshop Re-worlding relations: Anthropology, Art, and Design! The event takes place on November 10 - 11 at Newcastle University with eighteen presentations and two keynotes, by Professor Barbara Glowczewski (CNRS) and Professor Anna Maria Guasch (University of Barcelona).

In the workshop we take up the concept of worlding to explore practices of arranging the world otherwise and to test a theoretical compass mediated by sensibility and sustainability. Worlding is an idea with a complex genealogy but one that allows us to enact a plurality of thinking and practice to contest hegemonic structures, values, and ways of being. It also centres material processes and practices as the means to glimpse how to craft alternative forms of life and relations. Across two days we will explore: How might anthropology, art, and design - each deeply relational modes of knowledge production and sensory experience – come together to refract the course of a universal modernity? How might such alliances propose alternative forms of organisation and living in- with the world(s)? How might anthropology, art, and design set out paths of re-worlding for new sensible and sustainable relations that move us toward a pluriversal existence? How might such processes occur, be they in the studio, the academy, or virtually through digital forms? What forms of narrativisation and what kinds of knowledge might be produced by re-worlding processes?

The workshop is the annual event of the European Association of Social Anthropologists' (EASA) Anthropology and the Arts network and I'm glad to have worked on creating what promises to be a great two days with my colleagues Giuliana Borea, Francesca Cozzolino and Kiven Strohm.

ANTART Convenors:
  • Giuliana Borea (Newcastle University and PUCP)
  • Francesa Cozzolino (École des Arts Décoratifs de Paris and LESC/ Université de Paris Nanterre)
  • Alex Ungprateeb Flynn (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Kiven Strohm (National University of Singapore)

auflynn [at]

Alex Ungprateeb Flynn is an Assistant Professor at the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance, University of California, Los Angeles. Working as an anthropologist and curator, Alex’s practice explores the intersection of ethnographic and curatorial modes of enquiry. Researching collaboratively with activists, curators and artists in Brazil since 2007, Alex explores the prefigurative potential of art in community contexts, prompting the theorisation of fields such as the production of knowledge, the pluriversal, and the social and aesthetic dimensions of form.